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Jun 29


Posted on Sunday, June 29, 2008 in Quickie, Rantings

Man, my PC’s messed up.

It took me four hours to log on to the internet today.  ‘This program is not responding – end program?’… am I going to wait around until you pull your finger out?  Hell no. 

They should have a popup box for when the PC’s all buffered out and needs some time to think.  Something like ‘Don’t end it!  Give me a chance, I can do it!!!’

I’ve pulled the plug so many times now my computer is just running on faith alone.

My ‘puter is now officially discombobulated me thinks.  Either that or I am.

Bring on the comments

  1. I wish there was a “Vaporise Bill” button on every PC! I’ve installed Windows three times today! I feel your pain! I’m discombobulated too! :)

  2. Grannymar says:

    Make sure to dry your hands before plugging in again :roll:

  3. K8 says:

    I’m having the PC exorcised tomorrow.

  4. STEPcoach says:

    That’s exactly why I quit using a Winders PC several years ago and switched to MacIntosh – I have three now and no worries with any of them. BTW, the newest runs any Winders program – if I were silly enough to want one. We still have a Winders computer (brand new as of late 2007) just for one of our people. Our techies spend more time on his one computer than on all our Apples … in fact, they have only had to work on one Apple and it got coffee spilt on it! We are happy converts!

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