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May 6

Five day weekend

Posted on Tuesday, May 6, 2008 in Family, Jobs, Strange and Unusual

Isn’t this sunshine just the absolute bee’s knees?

Today is my Saturday (being a quiet day on the taxi market) so I get to catch up on ‘puter stuff like designing a t-shirt for the Mini Marathon

…and writing bloggy things. 

Saturday was excellent.  I and the Accidental Terrorist dumped our chisellers with the family and went to a wedding of epic proportions in Co. Westmeath.  We were a cozy group of about 50, most of whom we knew, but hadn’t seen in about ten years.  I danced the YMCA and played for the crowd on a grand piano which are things I only do when I am extremely happy. 

The reception was held at Middleton House in Castletown Geoghan, which is an old recently renovated house.  It’s only used for group bookings, so we had the entire place to ourselves.  The staff are to be praised from a height… the food was perfect, and they were polite the entire time, even through the many passes they received from various drunken ladies.  It’s an excellent venue, should you need one for whatever purpose. 

The chap in the B&B we stayed in told us that he used to be a Guard who was stationed in that house 25 years ago.  His job was to prevent the house from any damage caused by locals who were itching to burn it down, being that it was built and owned by a Protestant family.  The history of the place was fascinating stuff.

This was our dancing-area, the band were in the gap to the right of the staircase, and there are two bars with comfy couches and fireplaces either side of the picture.

I got to pooch around a few rooms too – each plusher than the last – and met a spectre in one of the basement hallways.  I took a picture of him for you:

 We had a very one-sided conversation briefly before whatever it was buggered off.  I think he wanted me to follow him but I know the rules of horror films, so I didn’t. 

I explained more on Brian’s blog’s comments, with details on why I’m not crazy and didn’t imagine the whole thing.

Bank Holiday Monday should have seen me hackney-cabbing in Bray, but instead I got called to dig Baldeagle out of a hole.  Baldeagle is one of TAT’s most spurious of friends, who works for our Irish version of Fed-Ex.  He had double-booked himself, so we swapped transport and I got to drive a big van from the Quays in Dublin City, all the way up to Belfast and back, while he got to pull donuts and practise his hand-brake turns in a field with my own jam-jar.

It was pretty nice cruising up and down motorways all day like that in the sunshine, apart from the fact that I’ve got a trucker’s tan now.  One white arm just looks odd.

How was your weekend?

Bring on the comments

  1. We had an enforced quiet weekend due to unwell 6 year old, running good old temp on Saturday. Ah, sure it was a weekend for relaxing and taking it easy anyway. She recovered quickly and had to be told repeatedly to SLOW DOWN, having regained former energy levels but still having less than perfect balance due to remenants of ear infection. Now I have a throat on me thanks to her germs (what I get for looking after her all Sat. night).

    Good for you on the aparition front, My great granny (lived to be 100) was prone to seeing them, and my grandmother saw a couple. My mother sees demons, but that’s the paranoid schizopheniaK. I got my dad’s more pragmatic character (he was an accountant) so I have never seen a thing.

  2. Shane says:


    We got married in MPH last year – we were the 3rd wedding in the place after they opened. The place is amazing – the food, the atmosphere, the staff all brilliant. In fact, both our families went down on Sunday for lunch – we saw the remainder of the your wedding leaving as we turned up.


  3. Baino says:

    Sounds like you managed to dodge the traffic jams of punters heading for your beach! Sorry my funny gland isn’t working today.

  4. 4 days in the Champagne-Ardennes in France…trollied, classily.

  5. Brianf says:

    OK, my turn.
    I read and re-read you comment on my blog. I’m getting better at using that word and not recoiling in embarasment at it. Anyways, my best friend Jim and his wife Linda bought a house about ten years ago. On the day they moved, the first time I ever walked into the house, something struck me and I asked them if either someone died here or if it was haunted.
    Before i go on they bought a house just outside of Duncannon, PA in a little area known as Amity Hall. Amity Hall was a big big summer resort kinda’ place back at the turn of the century. The last one not the most recent one. The long closed and abandonded Amity Hall Hotel and Resort is right down the road from them and is known as one of the most haunted bulidings on the east coast.
    Anyways after a day of moving stuff and them feasting and drinking Jim and Linda had set up a bunch of cots in their basement. Even though i had partaken of a few adult beverages I drove home. I went back up there the next day to help Jim move furniture and get settled. You know just kinda’ hanging out and helping as can. This is when I told him there was someone or something in his basement. Well, everyone had a good laugh about it.
    As time went on Jim got a little pissed that I wouldn’t sleep in the basement or even upstairs when we BBQ’d / partyed there. I kept telling him that there was something in his basement. I kept telling him it wasn’t malevolent or mean or a monster but something was there. I would always sleep in my VW Transporter if I shouldn’t have driven home.
    I guess he had been in the house about nine months or so when he told me that the original owner made furniture in the basement and had died in his shop. Jim told me that late one night he met this guy and the ghost guy really liked that Jim was using his basement as a machine shop to keep Jim’s old motorcyclces running.
    Jim has seen him and had a few conversations with him in the past ten years and ever since his first contact my ikkky feelings about sleeping there have gone.

  6. The girls turned 6 so we had a children’s party on Saturday. Pass the parcel, musical statues, pin-the-tail-on-mummy’s-donkeyish-thing, musical bumps, juice spilled, cake-crumbs everywhere, the odd obligatory crying child, sticky carpets and terrified cat. But it was a blast. Childrens’ parties are way more fun than a lot of grown up parties I’ve been to. Everybody just cuts loose, man! It’s wild!

  7. Had a sad weekend as I lost a dear friend, but it was a worthy sunny celebration of her life.

    Wow. And you got to drive a van! Jealous. xxxx

  8. K8 says:

    Thriftcriminal; I’m still not totally positive I actually did see anything… me glasses could’ve been filthy but I was too tipsy to care. Seriously excellent post you got there! Respect.

    Shane; Thanks for commenting :) Lush hotel, isn’t it… the conservatory was my favourite spot, it’s like walking around a mini jungle. Didn’t know they did lunches!

    Baino; I know that feeling… like the sense of humour’s just been botoxed or something. Yep I look forward to cleaning up the beach after all those feckers…

    Xbox4nappyrash; Good for you mate! Wine and sun are good for the blood. Speaking of blood, LOL @ your last post!!!

    Brian; Class story! Isn’t it amazing how houses can hold history and energy that way? I’m pretty sure I can feel my granny’s memories in Dad’s house, even if there’s no ‘ghost’.
    Like I say, I’m confused as to what happened… I can reason that I imagined the whole thing- apart from the voice I heard, it was right beside me and really really quiet. I hope that’s not the first sign of madness… it is? Oh well.

    Sam, you sound like a most excellent mommy :) I hope I can pull off a party that cool for my kids someday!

    English Mum; *HUG* I’m so sorry. You’ve written such wonderful things about C on your site, I’m glad you have such comforting memories. You’re a great writer, gal :)

  9. When I read it from here, it seems somewhat odd indeed. It seemed just perfectly normal in my head earlier. I need sleep.

  10. There was a weekend? :) It sounds like you had a fabulous time, K8. And, ghost too! That always adds to the ambiance of a place, especially when there is so much history involved.

    The house in which I reside is over a hundred years old. The man that lived here for sixty odd years died many years ago, yet he remains in one form or another.

    I could fill a book with stories of whispers in the moon light on a November eve or spectres that have crossed in front of me in the middle of the night. I could tell you about dishes flying out of cupboards or how ice crystals form on your ears and fright rushes up your spine in the midst of a ghost. But, I’ll save all of that for another day. :)

  11. 5h4mr0(k says:

    My weekend involved 4 airports and 3 different flights. 24 hours from check in at airport one to arrival at hotel.
    Just looking forward to the return journey on Saturday! Jetlag here I come!

  12. 5h4mr0(k says:

    Just curious if it will change my flag for this comment… :D

  13. Shane says:

    K8, not only do they do lunches but Maria the main chef is there on Sundays so the standard is fab – and the best bit is €30 for a 4 course lunch!!!!

  14. Every weekend should have three days! I did nothing different to usual except not get grumpy on Sunday night and it was GREAT!

  15. K8 says:

    Xbox4nappyrash; I hear you. Me too.

    Jefferson; I don’t believe you.

    5h4mr0(k; You’re in Brazil and you’re commenting on blogs?!?! You have it bad, dude. Thank you soundly though… it’s lovely that you messaged me from you holliers :)

    Shane; Boy, do those people know how to run a business…

    Jenny; Wednesday is my new Sunday which is kind of confusing. It’s really difficult to be grumpy on what’s supposed to be hump-day!

  16. 5h4mr0(k says:

    IF I was on holidays in Brazil I certainly wouldn’t be commenting on blogs. I wouldn’t even b reading them.

    And I’d certainly be staying for more than 5 days (considering it’s a day here and a day back!)

    I hope I can get to the pub soon….

  17. K8 says:

    How did you hook yourself up with a Brazilian flag? I want one of them lads.

  18. 5h4mr0(k says:

    Easier than you might think

    Step 1: Get on a plane.

    Step 2: Get off a plane.

    Step 3: Find an access point for your laptop

    Step 4: Read blogs until you find one that you want to leave a comment on AND which has a flag to represent the location of the posters IP address.

    Step 5: If the flag isn’t Brazilian, repeat steps 1 to 4

  19. K8 says:

    Can’t I just fool my IP into thinking it’s travelled? My flag is British most of the time… are you telling me there’s a secret vault full of flags somewhere on here? Where’s the hidden lever?

  20. 5h4mr0(k says:

    No secret vault.

    Unless you look for a proxy tunnel which could pretend you had a different IP address.

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