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Apr 22

Ogham my…

Posted on Tuesday, April 22, 2008 in Arty Farty, Family, Jobs, Little known facts, Strange and Unusual, Tattoos

I got more hard-earned payment for my webdesign efforts today!  I burned candles from all ends working on Celt Clan Ink, and it’s pretty much finished, barring a few tweaks and a more involved forms page.  There are now some pretty excellent photos in there.

So anyway, back to my payment:

What’s that all about then?

  • Ogham was carved and read from BOTTOM to TOP.
    (Also carved, occasionally, right to left).
  • Also written as ogam or ogum, it is pronounced “AHG-m” or “OH-ehm.”
  • Ogham served as an alphabet for one of the ancient Celtic languages. Its origin is uncertain: it may have been adapted from a sign language.
    Current understanding is that the names of the main twenty letters are also the names of 20 trees sacred to the druids.
    Some authors have suggested the existance of a 13 month calendar which shared some of these names.
  • A 15th century treatise on Ogham, The Book of Ballymote, confirms that ogham was a secret, ritualistic language.
    However, there is no direct evidence that the Ogham alphabet was used [in antiquity] for divination or any other magical purposes.  (Taken from
  • The first third of the tattoo is the name of my firstborn.  The numbers show the date of his birth, and the infinity symbol represents his place in this world.

    The latter part is the name of my little girl, with a smiley face slyly hidden to represent her infectious happiness.

    I used the following alphabet (there are many different versions) and added my own tweaks and scribbles to add more information:

    I’m aware that I’m going to have to explain all of this many many times during my life, but it’s ok.  It’ll give my taxi punters a good conversation start,  I’m sick of talking about the weather.

    The Accidental Terrorist has gone a bit mental regarding the website contract, he is planning a portrait of Wouldye on his shoulderblade, and has already gone for some celtic warrior inking:

    Pretty amazing art, innit?

    What was that website again?  Oh yeah… Celt Clan Ink!  Great design, isn’t it?  I wonder who wrote that site…

    Bring on the comments

    1. Hails says:

      Wow! You’re brave. It was a nice choice. Have a feeling you’re going to get completely addicted to this now and end up a walking, talking advertisement for Celt Clan Ink… :)

    2. Brianf says:

      Oh that is too too cool.
      Now I have to go figure out what my next patch is going to say in Ogham and what it’ll look like and where to get it and where to have it tattooed on me and ……….. it’s all your fault!

    3. What no transfers of Slaine from 2000AD? Mind you my fave was nemesis the warlock anyway. Good choice, it is unique and personal.

    4. Medbh says:

      My low tolerance for pain has kept me going byond simple ear piercing for body art. And I haven’t even worn earrings in the past 15 years.
      It looks hella cool though, K8.

    5. I like it…I like it a lot! Congrats on the tatt, K8. I just have to figure out what I would want mine to say….hmmm… :)

    6. Deborah says:

      How absolutely freakin awesome K8! I’ve been wanting some new tats for awhile now… just can’t figure out what. Have firstborns newborn footprint which would be cool, but all I have from second born is shitty nappies! :) Not so cool! I need something like you… something meaningful. As it is I have a grateful dead bear and a fairy, not exactly meaningful, even though they are halla cool! :)

    7. K8 says:

      Hails; Nah, I won’t be plastering myself all over with the damn things, I like to keep it subtle and relevant.
      I’m thinking of flowers and leaves around my ankle next and then I’ll call it quits! (Ok maybe a huge Bob Marley portrait on my back and THEN I’m finished.)

      Brian; I won’t say anything about stone-like appendages because I’m not that sort of girl.

      Thriftcriminal; Wow – googled it and am impressed! Don’t think I’m brave enough to fully embrace my inner nerd that much yet though.

      Medbh; Not sore at all! Dude uses air compression needles so no nasty stabbing vibrations at all. Didn’t even hurt the wrist part, even though I was warned it might.
      I tend to pass out with sudden pain, it’s pretty embarrassing.

      Jefferson; Heh heh I’ll have to get you drunk when you visit and bring you to Jimmy for him to perform his Magnum Opus on you :)

      Roy; Dunnit? Not regretting it yet, anyway… that’s a good thing.

      Deborah; A greatful dead bear? Go on ya mad thing! :)

    8. Quickroute says:

      An bhfuil cead “Ogham” dul go dti an web site Celt Clan Ink?

    9. Baino says:

      Not a fan of getting ink done K8 but that one’s pretty awesome. ClearBear threatened to get something ‘discreet and meaningful’ during her travels but hasn’t succumbed yet. I’ll send her your way if she ever hits the Emerald Isle!

      PS: What’s my heater doing in your living room?

    10. manuel says:

      Love that tat…….top drawer work…..and the website too…..

      here’s some of mine….

    11. Nick says:

      You can’t fool me, that’s really a route map showing the quickest way from O’Connell Street to the airport. Or is it Trinity to Dun Laoghaire? Seriously though, I like my nice pristine skin, I wouldn’t want tattoos all over it.

    12. Wow. I absolutely love it. I’ve been wanting something on my wrist for a long time now, but can’t decide. Might pop over to the website and have a look for some inspiration. Pity it’s so far away x

      PS: I need your 6 random answers over at my gaff pls x

    13. You had to google Slaine. Now I feel old. Old-y bloke, old-y bloke. Maybe I need a pipe?

    14. K8 says:

      Quickroute: Tá ceart agat! I gceann tamaill… Tá lán obair le dheanamh leis on shite sin. (I’m presuming the Irish for site is shite?)

      Baino; That heater follows me everywhere. I think I might have Objectophelia.

      Ta Manuel! Move on to Golden Virginia though… that Drum’s a terrible shag.

      Nick; I’m going to claim alien abduction and start a new cult with it, should I ever find myself penniless in Texas.

      English Mum; Done! I like your memeing ways. :)

      Thriftcriminal; Slaine looks very much contemporary to me… surprised I’ve never come across it before – had one or two geeky boyfriends that would’ve loved it :(

    15. K8 says:

      Thanks Betty the Sheep, from an animal that must be well used to coming across Ogham Stones, that’s a nice compliment :)

    16. God, that is so very very cool, gal. I love that you have your kids on there.

    17. Great site design too – there’s some quality inking going on there too.

    18. Rick says:

      Still faffing about as to what, where and if. After ten years.

    19. K8 says:

      Sam; Your fiver’s in the post ;)

      Rick; Station logo? ;) Replace the 2 with an R and you’re laughing…

    20. Midge says:

      Oh I love it, I love the idea of it being Celtic and secretive, it’s also extremely pretty!

    21. Aaron says:

      Many thanks for writing “K8 the GR8

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