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Apr 5

Why taxi drivers are wankers

I’m officially a big fat hypocrite.  I used to love whingeing about taxi drivers, saying what wankers they were to push me out of a lane or cut me off.  I joked when people told me I’d be the same… I swore I’d remain considerate, but no, today I fell over the edge. 

Drivers dithering at the lip of a slip lane are asking for me to overtake them.  People sitting at filter arrows across from me seem to want me to cut them off, it’s not my fault.  Taxi drivers are just on auto-pilot most of the time… I am, even after only three days.  I’m too busy concentrating on the radio, my destination and other car’s bumpers for me to remember to be nice. 

So on behalf of all the taxi drivers in Ireland, we’re sorry, but if you’re dozy, we’ll just keep right on trucking.  We have to.  Feel free to bully back, it makes a nice break from the routine!

I found a video for you.  I hope it works.  It’s a rather inspiring story about an adopted African boy:


Thanks Kelly :)

Bring on the comments

  1. Welcome to the road, you now own it!

  2. Nick says:

    The thing about cabbies is that they’re driving all the time so they get very confident and very assertive and they can’t stand other drivers dithering or being cautious. I’m constantly annoyed by cabbies cutting me up and tailgating me but I can understand it from their point of view. Particularly if they’ve got some twitchy fare who wants to get somewhere five minutes ago.

  3. Foreigner says:

    Lucky you!

    AND you should install some of those James Bond style gadgets – you know, for bursting the tires of cars next to you and dumping oil to make cheeky ones skid off the road.

    No THAT would be cool!

  4. And I thought it was bus drivers owned the road! :)

  5. Maxi Cane says:

    I love cutting off Taxis, or anyone for that matter.

    I like to get them back for still having their lights on with somebody in the car on a Saturday night in the pissings of rain.

    On a Monday afternoon when there’s tons of them about, I like to stick my hand out as if pretending to be hailing one and when two pull up at the same time I say, “Oh sorry, did I still have my hand out?”.


    I feel better now.

  6. Baino says:

    I have nothing against taxi drivers as long as they speak English and know where they’re going . . .hahah like that’s ever gonna happen in Australia!

    Loved the clip! Maybe I should ‘adopt’ . . lets make bathtime fun!

  7. Doc says:

    Okay – I’m at the end of the earth.

    Now what? Are you coming in your taxi?

  8. K8 says:

    Roy; Why thank you! Queen of Quinsborough Road. I like it.

    Nick; Or in my case, because I’m lost and the lights are deliberately being slow just to annoy me.

    Foreigner; Yay! I was just thinking earlier on how I’d love for jagged spikes to jut out from my hub-caps at the touch of a button. I would also be a lot happier if I had a big green button on the dashboard that says: ‘NITRO’

    Maxi Cane; Oh for a plate of my own. It is such a pain in the ass having to go and interview people standing outside Tescos just because they don’t know I’m a taxi. I had to explain what a Hackney was 5 times today.

    Baino; My English is okay, and so will my directional abilities as soon as we’ve saved enough for a Sat-Nav! What a most excellent invention those are.

    Doc; Hey that was way too quick, I don’t believe you. Send me a postcard first, and a stick of rock and then we’ll see.

  9. Alonso says:

    Ah Taxi drivers aren’t all that bad , At least they can drive here.
    You should see downtown Lagos where you get pulled into the cab whether you want it or not, and then they bring you and shunt anything that gets in the way a bit like Death Race

  10. K8 says:

    Alonso; Is it just me or does that sound like fun?

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