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Apr 3

I got the brake-foot blues

Posted on Thursday, April 3, 2008 in Hackney Cabbing, Jobs, memememememe, Rantings

Today was full of Bray.  I learned many shortcuts thanks to daring passenger’s advice, and now know that it is not a good idea to stop – for any reason – in Fassaroe.  I am tired. 

I’m especially tired of Coastcare blogging.  I wrote a very in-depth post last night which was researched and politically correct and linked to the extreme.  It took me an hour.  I then went off to look for a photo and when I returned, the God of Irony decided to delete it.  Gone.  Forever.  Even the draft copy.

I just wrote a half-assed version of it tonight, and am saddened by its lack of traffic.  It reminds me of the old days! 

Here it is: The Brittas Bay Coastcare Blog


I would be extremely grateful if you could all pop over there for a sec and leave some sort of mark…  Animals are welcome (I’m lookin’ at you, sheeplady) as well as pirates and adventurers searching for treasure.  You know what I mean.


On a different note, I got memed by Hairyfish for the memoir in 6 words thing, the object is to… ah sure you know the craic by now. 

“Soul’s full of pins and needles”

…would be mine.  My photo is:


This picture is of a quiet man who lives near Parnell’s house in Avondale Woods, here in Rathdrum (not in Rathnew as I stupidly blurted involuntarily over the CB today. D’OH.  Stupid.  Bad rookie!)  This place is the most amazing place in the world, especially if you’re a dog who loves sticks and rivers and picnics and lots and lots of walking. 

I’m listening to a most excellent CD what I got in the post this morning from Tenacious T (consider yourself memed!!).  Guy seriously picks good material.  I’ll let you know what’s on it later, but I’m too monged out from all the blogging to do anything but listen to it right now.

Also I noticed I really need to update my blogroll from my favourites and google reader lists but TAT is nagging me to get off the computer so I have to go…. I’ll meme some more people one everything’s all fresh and pretty tomorrow if you don’t mind. 

You’re Goddamn right, it’s a beautiful day, uh huh.

Addendum: Oh yes, I have some serious memeing to do, don’t I!?  You thought you’d get away with it, didn’t you?  EenyMeenyMinyMo.

Bring on the comments

  1. I thought Fassaroe would have matured by now, still as bad as ever then?

  2. Baino says:

    Poor possum. Likkle bit toird are we? Visited the Coastcare Blog and left a very uncharacteristic but sensible comment. Um it is tomorrow . . and it’s very fresh and pretty but blowing a warm wind! Sleep tight!

  3. Ay. Avondale rocks.

    Get sleep.

    Don’t lie on your soul again, too much pins&needles will lead to DVT.

    Best of luck in the job.

  4. John B says:

    Fassaroe still dodge? Wow. Haven’t been around that way in years. Baldy Paddy and Baldy Joe still giving the place a good name?

  5. Darren says:

    People won’t like it if you bring them to Rathnew instead of Rathdrum. I hope you have your GPS turned on.

  6. Ben says:


    I haz no soul

  7. K8 says:

    Roy; Sadly yes. There are still bite-marks on my tyres.

    Baino; Thanks! It’s a very uncharacteristically sensible blog so it’s much appreciated! Big lie-in this morning, back to normal chirpiness today!

    Thriftcriminal; Cheers! And ta for commenting on the hippie blog ;)

    John B; Oooh I don’t know, but I’ll keep an ear out for those names! Everybody else seems to be named ‘Kissy’ up there. Figures.

    Darren; Saving like d clappers for a GPS! Map-reading skills will soon be a thing of the past…

    Ben; Whoa, well spotted- forgot to categorize me post! You haz no Soul because you live too close to Bono who steals them in the night-time.

    Brianf; You’re darn close there, matey.

  8. TenaciousT says:

    Glad you liked the tunes:-)

  9. Why is it that your finest work always ends up the one that gets deleted, or lost, or (in my case) you think it’s really funny but it only gets about two comments. Bloody law of sod, innit.

  10. K8 says:

    Tenacious T; Goldfrapp is fast growing on me.

    English Mum; I’m telling you! The God of Irony is messing with our heads on purpose.

  11. Kirk M says:

    Okay…I got it. Better latent than never. I’ll take care of this one tomorrow. Thank you so much for thinking of me. :P

    I like yours by the way although I may have to steal the picture of the quiet man. Fits me just fine.

    Yup, that’s happened to me as well. Great post-finished-poof-gone. makes you want to cry doesn’t it or at least pound on something really hard. may you have a better day tomorrow.

  12. Sean says:

    I think Baldy Joe was stabbed to death years ago. Not sure about Paddy. Not sure if you could kill him even if you wanted too.

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