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Mar 20


Posted on Thursday, March 20, 2008 in Arty Farty, Jobs, Strange and Unusual, Tattoos

It really isn’t a good idea to abandon the blogging world for too long, is it?  I really really need to use this google reader thing everyone keeps telling me about, for it would make catching up so much easier!  Anyway, all my poster and tattoo site work is complete!  I’m just waiting for Ron to pull his finger out and upload the files onto the interweb so I can link it for you.  I’m proud of my poster endeavours, so I’m bloggerizing them.  Also this proves that I haven’t been sitting around on my thóin all week.




 Also I’d like to show you this photo I took last autumn: 


As it turns out, this photograph is cursed.  The black cat you see (for whom I admittedly had a death-wish), was run over a few weeks back, and the dog… well, I found his body in my garden yesterday while sorting my junk pile.  Funnily enough, his name was Twenty Major.  I’ll be framing this photo for my neighbour who owned both of these unfortunate animals. 

Indeed and if it is not the photo itself but the camera that is cursed, I can take pictures of your enemy for €1,000 a piece, and they should expire soon after of natural causes. 

Oh yes, and since I last posted on here, I got my first tattoo!  I now have a giant anchor on my back.  I’m well-ard, me.  (Nahhh, just kidding.  I’m now marked with the symbol of the ying-yang.  What else?!)

Ok… now for some serious catch-up.  Can I borrow some broadband?


Looky look!  My virgin attempt at a website!

Laugh all you want, I don’t care.  I just gave myself a lollypop.

Thanks Ron!

Bring on the comments

  1. A mate of mine had the same experience, he just got some image compression working on a pic of Dermot Morgan and …….

    So, can you take a pic of me Ma? I’ve a hankerin’ for inheritin’ ….

  2. Granny says:

    You have a great eye for design our K8 Much better than Ron!

  3. Grannymar says:

    Well done on the posters and I wish you plenty of help on 29th.

  4. K8 says:

    Thrifcriminal; I’ll see you in hell…

    Ma; Ah Ron’s ok. He must be awful distracted these days!

    Grannymar; Thanks! I don’t mind the beach clean, it’s the speech I have to make on the 26th that has my nerves in knots!

  5. Yes, you must use an RSS reader – I think Google is best, but others may disagree. I’m selfish, I want you to visit and comment at my site.

    Even if “you ole fecker.”

    The Ying Yang tat seems perfectly logical.

    Will we see a picture?

  6. Medbh says:

    Oh, the poor cat and dog. Your neighbor will cherish the photo.
    Your posters are fab, K8.

  7. Natalie says:

    Well done on the website and the posters! Of all the days that get picked for the beach clean up….Kirstin’s birthday AND the day hubby flies back from the USA – BUT Kirstin is very keen on saving the world and Malcolm can catch a bus so we may just be able to come along and clean a beach!!! Good luck for your speech (he he)

  8. Oh? I didn’t know you were going too?

  9. K8 says:

    Sixty; Why yes, picture added to ‘About’ page :) I will indeed start using google reader. I do visit your site a lot but break the blogger’s conduct by not commenting! Your posts leave me sort of speechless…

    Medbh; I gave it to her today and she hugged it! Being that this woman is cut from a tough cloth, this was quite the compliment..

    Natalie; How cool of you to say you’ll try! :) There’s no pressure though, and there will be other clean-ups, unfortunately. I’m bricking it about the speech, but today I discovered that PowerPoint is installed on this here computer, it should make the job a lot easier.

    Thriftcriminal; Yes I once sold my soul to Satan for a Tangle Twister on a hot day. It was totally worth it.

  10. Tim says:

    Hi K8, the posters are great. Every time I pass Jack Whites I think of the piss take slogan “Wicklow’s best place for riding and shooting”…
    By the way how come you have a Union Jack flag and a Tricolour on your comments on the same day? Job/Home??
    Cheers Tim

  11. Ben says:

    hate being the first pervert on to say this but eh…

    ‘go on there ya lovely gurl, show us yer tattoo…eh’

    *hand rubbing on trousers motion*

  12. Granny says:

    Ben her tattoo is minuscule. also as well too it is on the nape of her neck and well hidden by her long mane of golden locks. She was done! put it back in your trousers now you bad boy.

  13. Baino says:

    Wow! You’ve been busy . . .nice posters and my suggestion for the beach – here ’tis cos I can’t get to the meeting . . free wind breaks and a gaz stove to make a brew (I’ve been on Welsh beaches and they’re foikn freezing so I imagine yours are the same!)

    Not a tat fan myself but it’s suitably discreet. I’d probably tat my name and address on my forehead one of these days just in case I get lost inside my own mind!

    Please come and take a photograph of my brother’s dogs. They are mangy bastards that dig up the garden! Oh and a photo of James Blunt. He must die!

    RSS feed? huh? I use Google reader and if I can do it, any twat can! Not that you’re a twat. Oh, you know what I mean. OK, I’m going now.

  14. Fantabulous job on the posters, K8. And, the website is fantastic! Keep it up, gurly! :) When are you getting broadband?

    Also, don’t let Grandad get his hands on that camera! “‘Ello, would ya mind if I take a wee picture of the lot of you, tourist”, says he, while a slight smirk travels ’round his pipe. :)

    Just don’t do any self-portraits with that camera. :)

    @Ben – At least you are honest! :)

  15. Ben says:

    eh any tattoo’s on you granny eh

    *trouser rub*

  16. Hails says:

    K8! So glad you’re back, it’s been horribly quiet without you. And so many things on which to congratulate you,I don’t know where to start! The posters, the website, the ability to kill people with the click of a camera shutter, not to mention the tat… I have one of a ban the bomb sign, did you know that?! Heheh. We almost match. I’ll have to call with you next time I’m driving around lost in the South, and we can compare/admire tats. As long, of course, as Ben is absolutely nowhere within a 10 mile radius at the time.

  17. Ben says:

    Do you know how short 10 miles are?

    *evil cackle and more trouser rubbing*

  18. Great job on the posters and the website K8. I hope the people turn up for you on the 29th. Good luck with the speech!

  19. K8 says:

    Hi Tim! (“Wicklow’s best place for riding and shootingâ€?…) OUCH! :)
    I’m not moving around at all.. it’s my phone rental people getting things confused. I’m buried in the arsehole of Wicklow and it’s there I’m staying…

    Ben; Smut and filth are always welcome here! You might want to get some sort of cream for that itch though- it sounds kinda nasty!

    Baino; Genius woman! Never dawned on me to bring a flask, let alone a gas stove. Totally agree with you on the Blunt front.

    JD; I’ve got to wait until I move house, then I get broadband. Like I say… I really am in the arsehole of Wicklow.
    Oh crap. I used the camera to take a picture of the back of my neck!!! Oh well, ’twas nice knowing you..

    Hails; It’s a bittersweet thing, being away from the blogging world… a week may as well be a month, for all the catching up that needs to be done! I would so love a visit :) Don’t mind Ben, he’s harmless apart from what sounds like a pretty contagious rash… we’ll just stay downwind of him.

    Thanks Sam, I do too! The speech should be nothing that a quick swig of Vodka beforehand won’t aid…

  20. Welcome back, girly. Missed you muchly. Loved the website. Am considering adding to my tattoo collection (watching too much Miami Ink, methinks)

    Oh and re the cat/dog/dead situation: have you considered that you might be some kind of witch? Careful where you’re pointing that evil eye. Heh x

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