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Feb 22

No L8 L8 for K8 the Gr8

Posted on Friday, February 22, 2008 in Music, On the box

You’ve read, I’m sure, plenty of material on this here Bloggysphere slating Pat the Plank and his Late Late show.  When I moved into this here house of no cable, let’s just say that the Late Late show wasn’t a sorely missed programme.

Tonight is different though.  Tonight, there will be a tribute song of epic proportions for our most loved singer Ronnie Drew and I am pretty sore about missing it.  Written by Robert Hunter of Grateful Dead fame with Bono, The Edge and Simon Carmody, the song will be performed by U2, Sinead O’Connor, Kila, Christy Moore, Andrea Corr, Moya Brennan, Shane McGowan, Bob Geldof, Damien Dempsey, Gavin Friday, Jerry Fish, Paul Brady, Paddy Casy, Mick Pyro from Republic of Loose, Mundy, Chris de Burgh, Ronan Keating, Jack L, Eleanor Shanley, Mary Black, Declan O’Rourke, Mary Coughlan, The Dubliners and The Chiftains!  I mean seriously… barring one or two lemons from this bunch, my cup overfloweth!

Ronnie is a smooth Irish folk singer with a unique honey-sweet gruff Orish voice whos beard is now a household name.  Born in Dublin in 1934, he spent a spell in Spain teaching English and learning flamenco guitar before returning home and forming the well known band ‘The Dubliners’ with Luke Kelly, Barney McKenna and Ciaran Bourke.


Ronnie himself was originally to be part of this crew, but is unfortunately a very sick man.  Diagnosed with Throat Cancer in November 2006, he is fighting strong in typical stubborn Irish form;  He has appeared a few times on the Late Late and was interviewed on Ryan Confidential sadly missing his signature beard in 2007. He was due to perform his comeback ‘Legends of Irish Folk’ concert in June of the same year which was sadly thwarted by the death of his wife, Deirdre. 

Ronnie is truly a legend, and his music will live on for all time in the eyes of us Irish.  In Bono’s words:

“The idea was that we would all try to write a song for Ronnie to sing, but then it changed to writing a song about Ronnie himself. Ronnie is like the King of Ireland, and we are his subjects. This is a big fight for him. But like any fighter, it’s easier if there’s a crowd cheering.”

The Accidental Terrorist himself even claims that Ronnie turned up for many a session at his his dads grandmothers house in Monkstown. 

The song will be released on CD from the 29th of February with all proceeds going to The Irish Cancer Society at Ronnies Request.  Fair play to him, and long live the King.

Late Late Show.  RTE1 tonight. 9.30pm.  Turn on, tune in, and cop out.  Man I never thought I’d say those words…

Let’s hope the Plank doesn’t fuck it up!


Addendum in hindsight:

I’ve just found a link to the song’s download: HERE

I’m annoyed.  It’s really nothing new, just a standard Irish tune that happily garnishes itself in the usual cheezy dip.  I stopped downloading when I heard Shane McGowan sing “Awatch inyer win nerinall, Willer yer eyes in yer willer prin schwimmer…”.  I nearly puked with embarrassment.  *sigh*  Oh well.  I’ll buy the single anyway, it might grow on me.

I’m now happily back in the world of not missing television one little bit…

Bring on the comments

  1. Shane says:


    Just watched the performance and the plank wasn’t too bad – only fecked up a couple of times. Fair dues to the bold Ronny though – what a fighter.

  2. Natalie says:

    Hey K8, I was actually given the Ronnie lesson by members of my hockey team last night! The show was on in the background at the clubhouse, sadly no sound. I shall ahve to go and do some CD shopping, from all I have heard my collection is not complete without him! Congrats on the shortlist, very well deserved!!! Keep it up and you will not need that blue collar job…

  3. K8 says:

    Shane; Was he on the show in the end? Rrraging I missed it.

    Natalie; He’d bring a tear to the eye of even the most hardened of emmigrants, sure.
    Thanks a lot, I would dearly love to make a living at this junk somehow. Or just to have broadband…

  4. Natalie says:

    Ah thanks for the addendum K8, I would like to point out the line: “If you’re not Irish that is’nt your fault!” LOL, liked that one.

  5. Pat Kenny says:

    That picture looks nothing like me!

  6. K8 says:

    Maybe not on yer average day, but it’s an improvement, don’tya think?

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