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Feb 14

Win money in a casino – without cheating

Posted on Thursday, February 14, 2008 in Little known facts

The following is taken from the book ‘211 Things a Bright Boy Can Do’ by Tom Cutler.  All information taken directly from the book is marked by quotations, otherwise the material is summarised by Yours Truly.

Mr. Cutler gives the following advice;

  • “Learn the odds, which you can easily discover with a computer search.  Once you know them upside-down you’re ready to go.”
  • “Bet only when the odds are in your favour: so avoid the tables and target the gamblers.”
  • “When you do win, keep very quiet but when you lose, make a big noise about it.  This is known as the reverse fruit-machine technique.”

Find a loudmouth at a craps table who is yelling about fives and seeming to be in a gambling mood.  “You know that, out of the 36 possible combinations from a throw of two dice (6 X 6), there are four ways to roll a five.  The odds are therefore eight to one that he won’t roll a five, so you say: ‘I bet you four to three is isn’t a jolly old five.’ Chances are he’ll forget the odds and bet on his superstition, and you’ll win again.”

Mr. Cutler also provides tricks which you can base certainty bets on.

  • If you take a cigarette and wrap it in flattened cellophane leaving extra cellophane at the ends which you twirl shut, you can then tie the fag in a knot against belief.  You can also stamp on it and dip it into a pint without damaging the ciggy inside, thus earning you your winnings!
  • Ask “Lady Luck” to choose who picks up the bill after a meal, by getting her to put several matchsticks (snapped in halves) in an ashtray.  Get your fellow diners to each take a stick in turn, the last one to pick up being the one who has to pay.  “The secret is simple: always pick first.”

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