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Feb 6

Stinky Nickel Fingers

Posted on Wednesday, February 6, 2008 in Quickie

Ha ha! K8 the Gr8 may be officially broke, but she will not be found scruffy at the Irish Blog Awards.

I cannot wait to see yer one’s face in the hairdressers when I throw these at her;


This just in: 

Paper planes found to be more than just classroom fun.  I love the Japanese.

Bring on the comments

  1. ben says:

    on any given day thats how much change does be in my pocket.

    No wonder i walk with a limp :-\

    Ps. eh’d wana be some haircut! Are ya cousin IT out of the adams family?

  2. Medbh says:

    What’s a good blowout going for these days, K8? The last time I had one in Dublin in 2005 it was 25 Euro. Still the same?

  3. I see the sofa finally tipped over

  4. K8 says:

    Ben; Heh heh I AM cousin IT! Look!

    Medbh; I’m not sure… haven’t been for a haircut in Dublin since Nineteen-odd-five. Down here in t’country the do’s range from €30- €70 for your average cuts. I paid €65 for a simple up-do (no cutting, no washing, no nuttin!) in Gorey recently. All the wench did was put my mop in a half-bun and add a hairclip- daylight robbery if you ass me.

    Roy; Good aul’ bank of sofa. Many’s a happy night’s been spent making withdrawals from that couch I tells ya. *smirk*

  5. ben says:

    haha i see the resemblence alright! Classic!

    Hit a barbers for a tenner or get a shears n do the job yerself ;)

  6. Conortje says:

    I know this feeling only too well, I’m also down to counting the coppers. I’ll have to cut my own hair though as there just isn’t enough!

  7. Shit! Is everyone getting their hair done for this shindig? It’s be fun to wear a nice frock, mind. How are people dressing?

  8. K8 says:

    Ben; Hmmm… might aim for a mullet this time.

    Conortje; I’m glad to see the economy is working for you, too! Good luck with the self-clipping, don’t sneeze while operating rotating blades, ok?

    Sam; I was hoping for enough for a hair do, turns out I have enough for not just a good crop, but a new pair of specs and a fancy top, too! Turns out the photo above shows coppers to the rough value of €376!!!

    Depending on what Viji, my favourite shop in Wicklow Town turns out, I be mostly wearing a pretty top and jeans, maybe trousers, a frock at a push. This thankfully is a casual affair I’m told.

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