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Jan 31

Captions please!

Posted on Thursday, January 31, 2008 in Humourarse, Quickie

My poor kid’s going to be severely traumatized when she grows up and sees these, but hey, by the looks of it she’s pretty traumatised as it is already.


Go on… this should be as easy as swatting a fly with a Buick.

Bring on the comments

  1. Medbh says:

    She’s gorgeous K8.
    Makes me want to offer an LOLCat caption:

    Lazers On.
    Ur mindz iz undur my controllz.

  2. Kate says:

    “Hey, look, I can make the cat’s hair smoke.”

  3. Baino says:

    I see mad people!

  4. robert says:

    “The scary man with the beard is after me again!”

  5. Chocolate biscuits bring you will.

  6. Brianf says:

    Ma, I’m not going to tell you again. I said Guinness, not milk!

  7. What a cutie!

    (Not in a Michael Jackson way)

  8. englishmum says:

    ‘Right, enough pureed broccoli already. I’m going to vaporise her with my laser vision’

  9. nonny says:

    Ahh she is absolutely gorgeous.

  10. Gorgeous! you have some very strange readers.

  11. Grandad says:

    “You will wake up after the count of three…….”

  12. Kirk M says:

    One of the rare young children caught in a moment where you’ll know exactly what she’ll look like when she’s in her fifties glancing around to see what her trouble making grandchildren have gotten into this time.

    She’s beautiful K8. Lots of personality in that one.

  13. K8 says:

    I have to go and give it a bath… I’ll be riiiiggghht back.

  14. K8 says:

    Yay to Medbh for the lolcats! I was hoping someone would go cheezburger.

    Grannymar; HAHA! You got me. I’m a big fat hypocrite. :)

    Kate; She did once, when she got her hands on an insense stick! Horrible smell. Hangs around for days.

    Sixty; ROFL – genetic anti-tourism?!

    Baino; hehe It’s funny ‘coz it’s true…

    Robert; The scary man with the beard had a right old giggle at your caption! I went visiting this morning to abuse his broadband.

    Thriftcriminal; The captionning force is strong in you!

    Brian; But can’t you recognise a Guinness poo face?! ;)

    Bad Ambassador; I love the way M.J. says ‘cutie’. In fact it’s stuck on loop for my ringtone. I love Michael Jackson.

    English mum; Yes indeed she is top of her class at vaporising things. Especially expensive things.

    Nonny; Thank you! That’s an old photo but. She’s three now and thrice as terrifying.

    Galwaywegian; Ah Jaysus sure I wouldn’t have it any other way! Welcome to the strangeness. You know you love it.

    Da; That bouncer was well hypnotic alright. She was like a lava lamp in that yoke. Pity she grew out of it, though she’d be lethal in it now.

    Kirk; She does wear that sort of face a lot alright… she’s a gentle type, but definately mental with it! I might push her into the dentist trade….

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