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Dec 19

Happy Sol Invictus everybody!

Posted on Wednesday, December 19, 2007 in Little known facts, Something to think about

For those of you who are sick of hearing about Christmas, or who really just aren’t into that sort of thing anyway…

December 25th is the feast of ‘Sol Invictus’, the re-birth of the sun.  Being a huge fan of the sun (I don’t get to see it often), I will spare a thought for it on Christmas Day.  For I suppose, if it wasn’t for Sol Invictus, our modern day ‘Christmas’ wouldn’t exist!  Or, it would have been somewhere near Thanksgiving which would have annoyed the U.S., or somewhere in January, which clashes with the January Sales, and that wouldn’t make financial sense at all.


In 46 BC, when the Roman “Julian Calendar” was adopted, December 24th was the shortest day of the year. Therefore, December 25th was the first annual day that daylight began to increase. Thus, the origin of rebirth, or annual birthday of the invincible sun. (source)

I have to go cleaning windows for a few days so I don’t know when I’ll next be able to get back to this ‘puter!  Also there are presents to wrap and bags to pack and bits to buy and cakes to ice and plans to be formed and it’s all too much JUST FOR ONE PERSON!!!!


From the bottom of my heart… Happy whatever you’re into.  May you not spill a drop this holiday.

I hope the New Year brings you silky smooth skin with hardly any acne and absolutely no hives at all.  Metaphorically speaking.

Bring on the comments

  1. Grannymar says:

    Cheers K8!

    Happy caring and sharing to you and yours. Enjoy!



  2. Gaye says:

    K8 that was gr8! Thank you so much not only for the info. Happy Sol Invictus to you also!
    I lurve the sun myself, and missing it terribly some days.
    Why do you need to clean the windows?

    I wish you a stress-free pre-festivity period and wonderful new year with your loved ones.


  3. SID says:

    So that’s what that big yellow thing in the sky is called??

    Happy Thinking-About-The-Sun Day!

  4. Baino says:

    Well you’re not missing anything downunder. We haven’t seen the sun for 3 weeks thanks to La Ninia who persists in surrounding us with tropical stickiness, dumping rain, clouding our skies and is about to ravage us with another summer hail storm – the birds can tell – they stop twittering when the sky goes green!

    I’m not wishing anyone Merry Christmas yet . . I’m saving myself . . .like the Queen . . .for a Christmas Day address! If I’m sober enough to post one after a shitface full of Mango Daquiries!

  5. Deborah says:

    Yes… hives bad. Many thanks K8! Have a lovely Christmas / Yule or whatever… hope the kids enjoy it!

  6. JackMcMad says:

    Time to get the Pagan decorations out for tomorrow’s solstice. Have a great Crimbo/Solstice/Sol Invictus/Holiday.

  7. K8 says:

    Grannymar; I’m expecting a present in the post from my new mammy. You didn’t forget, did you?

    Gaye; My lovely other half has a window cleaning business. He developed a sick lower back disk so can’t work now! I drive the lads around in the van from time to time when the going gets tough.
    His latest employee looks almost exactly like the tatoo-covered actor in Prison Break (Wentworth Miller), which makes the job a WHOLE lot easier!

    SID; May you be showered with amber nectar :)

    Baino; Are you kidding?! I love mental weather!!! Most of the time in Ireland we have no weather at all, just greyness.
    I like Mango Daquiries.

    Deborah; They’re defininately enjoying the freak-show lights displays around these parts anyway!
    I’ll be thinkin’ of you tomorrow – I hope you get some answers. Good Luck :)

    JackMcMad; The shortest day is my second favourite day of the year! I hope you found a friendly gnome in the end to wrap your presents for you…

  8. Caro says:

    silky smooth skin with hardly any acne

    Hurray! That’s exactly what I wanted!

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Roy says:

    Happy Christmas K8

  10. Gaye says:

    O I c now what you mean. I hope he gets better soon. I also see you can’t complain much about driving around the hunky actor look-alikes! Hubba hubba!
    I want a Beowulf look-alike, in 3D. :p

    Cheers Chicka!


  11. Kirk says:

    And a happy Absolutely Everything to you K8! May you stay sane and warm this season. Or is that safe and warm…no, I had it right the first time.

    So sorry you don’t have any weather. I’d send you some of ours but unfortunately I’m not omnipotent. Suffice it to say we’ve had more snow up here in the Northeast Kingdom in less than a month than we got all last winter (all 6 solid months of it). Cold too. If I attempted to wash our windows it would most likely freeze solid and I’d have to wait until mud season to wipe them off.

    Give my best to your busted man (from one guy with a busted back to another). Tell ’em he’s too young for this to happen. No wait…I was 20 when I busted mine…never mind then. Just tell him hey from me. When he asks “who the hell is that?” just smile at him and walk out of the room. :P

  12. Merry Christmas…Happy Sol Invictus…Happy Quaid-e-Azam’s…Happy Constitution Day…And, last but certainly not least, Happy Yule/Winter Solstice! Ugh…Is that enough for ya? :)

    Happy Holidays, as my Merkan counterparts would say. :)

  13. Medbh says:

    Happy Holidays, K8.
    Hope all ran smoothly.

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