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Nov 17

Girly Gaming

Posted on Saturday, November 17, 2007 in On the box, Something to think about


It started with games like Batty, Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy on the ZX Spectrum. Then, when Tandems arrived it was all about flight simulators, Indiana Jones/The Hobbit adventure games and Rogue. Sure, they took an age to load, but by the time came to start playing it was all so worth it! How simple our needs were back then.

A college buddy of mine then introduced me to console gaming. Many late night MarioKart contests were held in the bloke’s living quarters including me, the novelty girly gamer.

Most of my courtship with The Accidental Terrorist involved a PlayStation. In fact, it was how he used to lure me into his room. Wanna play the playstation? Works far better for me than something cheesy like; Shall we take this upstairs? (I know – yes I am a serious geek.) We played Crash Bandicoot, Worms and Micro Maniacs ’till our fingers bled, and had many sessions involving blokes coming over with beer for Gran Turismo races. I was referred to as ‘One of the Lads’, which was nice. It’s a rare doorway into the world of men and their true colours, it really is. As for trouncing them at Tekken?! Now that’s a moment to be proud of.

Then came the gaming revolution. Vice City. The Godfather. Scarface. You get the choice to walk around or hope on a bike. You can even steal a car and start riots if you like. You can conduct forceful negotiations with shop owners to win turf, or just go around lobbing hand-grenades onto beaches full of Americans. (Introducing this concept to my dad might at least keep him off the streets?) Then there’s Splinter Cellwith it’s gizmets and gadgos. I’m currently taking pot-shots at Germans in ‘Medal of Honour’, but if the game gets much harder, I’ll be winding that one up. I hate repetition.


In Canis Canem Edit, you get to re-live your school days. Health is gained from kissing girls, who will only put out if you buy them flowers or beat up the leader of a rival gang. You get to flush cherry bombs in the toilet and shoot rats with a slingshot. You also have to sit through class and complete puzzles to graduate -it is most definately my favourite game so far.

Console gaming is a wonderful, consequence free world. It also improves hand-eye co-ordination and bladder control. Everyone should have one.


The real shame is that gaming itself is such a male dominated activity. It’s not the fault of the game makers.. they tried to appeal to the girlies with games like The Sims, Wii, and of course BUZZ, but whenever I’m invited to a girly session in someones house and suggest I bring the Playstation, I get comments like; Sure! If you want to BORE us to death! I ask you though… how exciting is it really, to hear about the cost of hair-doos or discuss new shopping centers?

I would have lost faith in the whole matter if it weren’t for my discovering Cat’s Blog, I tell you.

Why aren’t there more of us out there?


Bring on the comments

  1. Cat says:

    I feel honoured now!

    There are actually a fair few girl gamers, but not many of them blog or I haven’t found their blogs yet!

    You’ve named some great games there, I love Vice City and Canis Canem Edit is on my list to play. Plus I am very tempted to play Splinter Cell again.

  2. Kirk M says:

    Glad you two found each other. I’ve known Cat for quite awhile now and she’s invaluable in her ability to point out anything that might be wrong about my site. She single handedly keeps my blog ship shape. Don’t know what I’d do without her.

    BTW, there’s another female gamer around who got me started in my own "do it myself" WP install and helped me along during the first few weeks. You might want to check out Becky at Sprites and Bites.

    (and thank you much for the link in your sidebar. I shall reciprocate with pride!)

  3. K8 says:

    Cat; no probs, dudette. I have never, not once, ever ever met a single solitary girl in day to day life who plays games consoles on a broad scale. Is there a pretty castle somewhere where they all hang out?

    Kirk; Hey, my pleasure! Thanks for spinning me towards Becky!
    Glad they’re keeping you in your place ;)

  4. SID says:

    What are you doing out of the kitchen?


  5. Cat says:

    Kirk, I don’t know what to say. :)

    Just as a sidenote though, I have to find things that are wrong at work and habits are habits!

    How could I forget about Becky?! There’s also Hawty McBloggy who blogs about Halo 3 a lot:

  6. Grandad says:

    Health is gained from kissing girls, who will only put out if you buy them flowers or beat up the leader of a rival gang …….. it is most definitely my favourite game so far.

    There is something vaguely unsettling about that statement. Have you mentioned this to your psychiatrist??

  7. K8 says:

    SID; I blew the kitchen up with the grenade launcher I earned defeating the underpants gnomes in the bedroom on level 2. No point in hiding, I have heat sensors built into my goggles.

    Cat; Linksthanks!

    Dad; the only thing unnerving about that statement is my inability to spell the word definately. Even my spellchecker seems to have problems with it.

  8. Kirk M says:


    You’re not the only one that has problem with definatly, definitly, defintely, whatever, but another one for me is congratulaions, congradualtions, congrada…whatever. I also seem to have a complete block with garuntee, gauruntee, garun…ah screw it!

    The spell checker in Firefox has thus informed me that I’m a complete knee biter, put on it’s cap and headed to greener places where people might have a better command of the English language.

  9. Grandad says:

    I’m using Firefox, and the spelchecker is working perfektly?

  10. Brianf says:

    Console gaming, eh? I went and bought a Playstation 2 last year along with the games Tourist Trophy and Need for Speed. I dust it off, turn it on and play every once and awhile. I don’t get the attraction but I know a mess of people who do so I guess it’s all good.
    I’m waiting for Centipede to make a comeback. Man, I use to kiss ass at that game.
    OK, I’ll also admit that I played and won Castle Wolfenstein, Duke Nukem, and all three versions of Doom before I got bored with what I call run-around, shoot-’em-up games.
    My game of choice is Snood.

  11. JC says:

    To remember the good old days, take a look at and play the most popular ZX Spectrum games online.

  12. b3n says:

    MsB3N loves to Buzz and Wii. I even got her to play PES in a league (A Girl playing football and Playstation??!!!) . I think the Wii will be the console wher I introduce her to the first person shooter, Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles is out next week.

  13. Daz says:

    Some women pretend to be bad at video games and then unleash hell when you hand them the controller, however most women conform to stereotype and suck at video games.
    If I could find one that didn’t, I would quite possibly sacrifice my spine to woo her, though that would be Van Gogh-esque.

    And play Assassin’s Creed if you get the chance.

  14. K8 says:

    Kirk; Sargeant/Seargent/Sargent always gets me.

    Da; It must be them damn Americans again.

    Brian; I’d totally forgotten about Wolfenstein!! That was my first ever shoot ’em up. The deteriorating face at the bottom of the screen showing health levels was trippy.

    B3n; Please leave your kinky sex life out of this. Resident Evil was great fun alright. It gave me nightmares it was that good. (Damn dawgs…)

    Daz; Yep okay I’ll keep A.C. in mind. I’m giving Ghost Recon a shot first though. Having a console-tolerant girlfriend is a boon, though I wouldn’t recommend losing your whole spine to find her. You’d lose vital thumb dexterity doing that.

  15. Foreigner says:

    Oh WHY, WHY ain’t you me neighbour so we could play silly console games.

    Although I tend to be Not Great at FPS-s. Like to play them sometimes though.

    Enjoy adventure games and odd Buzz doesn’t hurt either.

    Now The Ultimate Other Half – he’s a dab hand! I just sometimes like to sit and watch him play.

    Jeez we’re an odd couple…

  16. K8 says:

    It’s rare around these parts to find a woman who’ll happily go about family business while partner’s glued to games in the livingroom!

    Most of the women I know just ban the things outright, so being an odd couple can be strangely harmonious…

    I can’t wait to finally get broadband and play online. That is if I’m afforded the time!

  17. Cat says:

    Yeah, Xbox Live is great fun! Well, that’s provided you play with people you know and don’t have random guys telling you all sorts of things about gaming..

  18. I think Van Gogh would be one of the people at my fantasy dinner party!

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