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Nov 10

The tag challenge

I’m finding myself with spare time suddenly but with nothing much to say.  Then I decided that it is very rare for a blogger to post a post and use all of their tags at once (Bloggers such as Brian F and Stupid Irish Daddy are disqualified for lack of imagination of course).  This is my challenge,  and I’m giving myself an award for it.  You can have one too if you can do it.

What is both strange and unusual is that marijuana is illegal.  This subject is taboo, but it’s just something to think about.  Once one partakes in the activity of having a spliff, one is immediately part of the chain.  One is working hand in hand with the drug-lord and his artillery, and my philosophy is that this is unfair burden on us stoners.  It’s a little known fact that weed is quite benign, that it’s worst effects are the munchies and diminished brain capacity, but we accept this, and we take responsibility for it quietly and with a few giggles thrown in. 

Working the daily job is not easy.  Neither is dealing with the family and it’s shortcomings.  My weakness is that I would like to sit back and be able to put up with the tripe on the box and find it humourarse.  Sometimes it’s nice to listen to music or glance at the uncategorised pleasures of this life and be inspired to write new poems and things.  Contrary to public rantings, weed does not generally make us want to take up smack or turn bi-polar.

That’s all I’m saying because this is supposed to be a quickie.


Here’s my award.

Do you want it?  I’d offer it up for general grabs but seeing as memememe is one of my tags, I have to name names.

Me aul’ f’la

Irish Flirty Something

Scribbles by Hanulf

(You know you want it)

Bring on the comments

  1. Grandad says:

    Oh, good grief!

    You have only 18 tags. I have 32. So I am being penalised for being tidy?

  2. SID says:

    “Sometimes it’s nice to listen to music or glance at the uncategorised pleasures of this life and be inspired to write new poems and things.”

    What a lovely sentence and how true.

    Exactly why I don’t tag.

  3. […] Many thanks to Grandad. This absolutely horrendous, disjointed post is all his fault but he’ll probably blame it on K8. […]

  4. Kirk M says:

    (spoken with a strong Clouseau accent)

    I have answered ze ssshhallaunge and have come out victorious, yes, yes.

    Yes…well. Hopefully I’ll regain my sanity and my hair will grow back before the end of the year. Sanity of course is not entirely necessary of course but I would like my hair back, thank you very much.

  5. Kirk M says:

    Missed that damn check box again. Got it this time though.

  6. annie says:

    hee yer dead on..
    the deadly weed inspires me like no other…
    despite the constant animalistic food cravings I actually get loads more done stoned than not..but I am a superstar mind you..
    nice blog!

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