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Oct 26


Posted on Friday, October 26, 2007 in Awards!, Family, Jobs, Rantings

‘Scuse my lack of postage of posts again.  What with being a mother and a nurse and a taxi driver and a chef and a window cleaner and an occupational therapist and an advisor and a treasurer and a house cleaner and a wiper of little bottoms, it’s been tough edging the old blogging in.

So TAT doesn’t want a Playstation 3 anymore.  Great!!!  No, now he wants an Xbox 360 because his mate just got one. 

“I found a spare €370 lying around in me bank account, so can I get one?”

It’s amazing how grown men can be so similar to eleven year old boys sometimes.

The thing is, I’m not a complete bitch.  I’m not just keeping him under the thumb or around my little finger or whatever you want to call it.  I wouldn’t mind an Xbox either, but the thing is we’re supposed to be moving house soon and I’m trying hard to get TAT saving money, because if he thinks I’m forking out from my SSIA, he can fork right off.  Besides, I feel like a complete hypocrite buying the newest latest diamond-encrusted versions of things… I keep thinking of the homeless and the starving and the mistreated people out there.  Somehow the balance seems unstable, what with money being so relative an’ all.

That was my closing argument right there.  We can’t afford it yet.  But we will, soon.  End of a bloody long conversation.

That was then.  Now however, a certain somebody seems quite close to winning an award, and invited me to the doo.  Another excellent excuse to break out the Jenny Vanders dress?  A night in high society?  A chance to see that certain somebody break out into a drunken ‘Streets of London’ singsong with a guitar that has mysteriously conveniently materialised in the wee small hours? Yes please.

Except that when I excitedly told TAT about this upcoming event, he asked how much the tickets are, and I told him the truth.

“We can’t afford it.” 

He has me over a barrel.  Not a barrel of monkeys either.  A barrel of dirty sticky ‘see how it works both ways?’  I didn’t even try to argue.

See how being virtuous sucks?  See how it hurts to be sensible?  What is that all about?

Bring on the comments

  1. Robert says:

    If he is inviting you to the do and expecting you to shell out then it’s only natural that you get a share of the prize money ;)

    As for the XBox, Let TAT have his fun, at least he won’t have to buy the games. He can ‘borrow’ them!

    Of course having said all that and being unemployed and with a baby due in approx. two weeks I managed to shell out €230 for a sat nav for my car despite my next trip most likely being to the maternity hospital. And I already know my way there!

    But in my defence I will say the following:

    Ye women have shoes and handbags, we have gadgets!

    Nuff’ said! :)

  2. Grandad says:

    I invited you so it’s on me. I’m paying. So TAT loses that argument :)

    You just bring the Jenny Vanders dress, the car [so I can have a pint], a six pack and a guitar.

    Don’t worry about the money.

    It’s coming out of the inheritance!!!! ;)

  3. Grannymar says:

    Forget the fellas! Go Enjoy.

  4. Brianf says:

    Since Grandad is buying the tickets for you I think it would only be fair that he also buy an Xbox 360 for TAT. Fair’s fair.

  5. K8 says:

    Oh Robert, you blokes and your toys!! Sat-Nav… sure if you don’t get lost now and then you’d never discover new places.
    As for handbags… you won’t find me lugging one of those around. I am a woman of many pockets.

    Thanks Daddyo!!! Woohoo! Should I book the ambulance in advance?

    Grannymar, it’s awful tough ignoring the fellas, sure aren’t they worse than women when they’re after something?!?! Crafty beggars.

    Brian, you’re a genius, do you know that? Besides, I reckon I could get him hooked on the Tom Clancy games being that he’s a fan of his books! You might have started something beautiful with that suggestion.

  6. Granny says:

    K8. Do as suburbanites do post-Christmas with their now unwanted puppies…..

    Let’s face it. The novelty has worn off. Take him up the mountains, and what with the state of his back, sure he’d never make it home.

    Then put on your Jenny Vander and find yourself a rich ould fella at the do.

    ‘Tis better to be an old man’s fancy, than a young man’s slave.

  7. Doc says:

    GO! gradad can afford it…

    and, hey! is this do going to be broadcast on the series of tubes? a URI would be handy…

  8. Doc says:

    oh , and Granny – make sure the old skinflint takes you, also!

  9. Baino says:

    Scuse me back but aren’t you the breadwinner at the moment? She who holds the purse has all control in my book . . .besides, XBox 360 will be obsolete soon there’s a new one coming out in 2009, plenty of time to save! Jenny Vander however, will be ‘so last Tuesday’ if you don’t get the wear out of it!

  10. Daz says:

    YES!! Get TAT that Xbox 360!! I have successfully converted other people I know from mindless Sony drones into Acolytes of the Glorious White Box and you should do likewise.

    With the exception of Haze, and Metal Gear Solid 4, all the best games can be found on the Xbox, and we have exclusives that Sony don’t have.

    Wow, that sounded nerdy.

  11. Robert says:

    Daz – Fsck Xbox or Playstations. Nintendo Wii really rules. A game can look good and be shite to play but with the Wii a game can look shite and be incredible fun to play.

    K8 – Forget the Xbox! Buy a Wii

    And now let you all begin the jokes about Wii sounding like.. Well, you know? ;)

  12. Daz says:

    Gah … infidel!!!

    Though I will admit to enjoying Far Cry on the Wii alright.

  13. K8 says:

    I caved. He’s trundling himself off to the shop with his little friend and his money grasped in sweaty palms. I’ve got a full evening of loud gunfire and cheesy army slogans ahead. Whoop-dee-frackin’-doo.

    Mammy I’m now a Mormon. If he can be unfaithful to Sony then I can do the same…

    Doc, good point that! Must alert the ‘Wicklow People’.

    Baino, my male/female balance is haywire lately. Both sides are being a pain in the ass. JV is never going out of style though. I fully intend to wear the bejeesus out of it.

    DAZ DON’T START! I’ve been in the midst of a full scale debate on the history and functionality of both consoles for about a month now and it sucks. I’m nearly losing the will to play the thing myself now at this stage (God forbid).

    Robert, good pitch, but TAT’s quare’n accident prone and our house is on the small side. Not enough room to swing a cat, really, let alone yer wee.

  14. Kate says:

    Being grown-up and responsible is such hard work. Good luck with that.

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