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Sep 14


Posted on Friday, September 14, 2007 in Humourarse, Quickie

This is what Communion is coming to…


Sod that and the horse it came in on!


Is this child abuse?  Do these kids look happy to you?

Do they?


At least when people do start throwing up on sight, they can roll the kid around in it and soak it up nicely…

(Thanks Juicy Loucie)

Bring on the comments

  1. Grannymar says:

    Poor Kids must be scarred for life!

  2. Brianf says:

    First Holy Communion!?!?
    The parents need to be brought up on charges.

  3. Robert says:

    OMG! One suspects they might me members of the travelling community no?

  4. SID says:

    Pfffft..only two horses??


  5. Baino says:

    So that’s where all my cotton balls went and I want my horses back NOW! There’s a quarantine order on travelling nags don’t ya know.

  6. Grandad says:

    The parents should be culled. Where’s Darwin when you need him?

  7. Deborah says:

    Maybe it’s the priests doing…

  8. Medbh says:

    It’s a total freak show.
    And that parasol is so over the top.
    Those poor kids.

  9. Okay remember the 70’s when the uptight women (not my mother) all painted their bathrooms and crocheted skirts on Barbie that would cover the toilet tissue?

    Yes, that toilet tissue covering skirt has clearly exploded onto that poor dear.

  10. im laughing so hard i think im going to cry those poor kids theres a case of child abuse if anything. The little girls eyes say it all. thats a lovely dress you have on in your blog before this hmm very sexy. wolf whisles over to you

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