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Aug 15

What's a schmoozer? You're lookin' at one!

Posted on Wednesday, August 15, 2007 in Awards!, Family, Jobs, memememememe

Whoa.  I’ve just learned a totally new word today that sounds even cooler when you say it with a headcold!

I didn’t look it up, I didn’t have to.  I’m robbing this from me daddyo

schmooze or schmoose also shmooze
v.intr. To converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection. To engage in schmoozing with
n. The act or an instance of schmoozing.

Schmooze award

Here it is!  My schmoozing award!



Bertie’s 3rd nipple!


Thanks dudes!

I really like this idea.. it means that you’ve been appreciated as a bonifide citizen of the blogging community, not out for personal gain as such, more to make friends and share in the spirit of the atmosphere.   It’s not easy blending blogging with real life sometimes.  There are so many friends and sources of inspiration out there among you that I’ve found, and I try to catch up with them as regularly as I can, but some of you are just so dang fast!  I’ve fallen into a sort of pattern now of three days reading, and one day writing posts of my own while being a busy mum too, so it’s lovely to be recognised for that.

Hop over and read Jefferson’s post, he has a much better description!

This is going to be tough, this bit.

I nominate in turn:

The Humble Housewife; I’m so glad our paths crossed.. your recipies are yummy and you’re like a kindred spirit on here :)

Mammy; This one’s a cunning fox.  I’m glad you found an outlet for your writing… (this woman’s been published, k’now!)  Keep it up! 

Grannymar; Because you’re such a motherly spirit around here.. your posts are warm and familiar, and you always find time to comment, which ain’t easy!

Stupid Irish Daddy; Definately the prince of schmooze.  And of weirdness.  The good kind.


Right.  It’s been put upon me to organize a table-quiz.  I’m a very disorganised person, so this should be either very interesting or very embarrassing.  I’m going to start by finding 80 excellent quiz questions and 10 ‘who is this?’ photos.

If anyone’s ever organized anything like this before, I’m begging you… share with me!

Bring on the comments

  1. Thanks K8! You are the kewlest blogger I know. :)

  2. b3n says:

    I have a 3 page Word Doc with photos of famous people when they were wee nippers. You could use that for your picture round. I can email it to you if you like?

    There are a couple of sites on d’internet like this one

  3. Launches turd at Grandad.
    Yeah, see? I got NOMINATED. You actually won! Deservedly.

  4. K8 says:

    You’re pretty sharp yourself, Jeffo :)

    b3n, You’re da bomb! These questions are just what I’m after.
    Yes please, giz a look at those photos, they sound interesting!!!

    Sixty, you’re right. It should say ‘I award in turn’ in mine and ‘Of course I have to award others’ in Grandad’s post.
    It’s just that the words ‘Award’ and ‘Nominate’ seem to fit so snugly you don’t second-guess it!

  5. b3n says:

    Ahem!! Email address? I can only find one for Grandad. Will I mail it to him and he can pass it on or do you have an mail address?

  6. K8 says:

    oh right, yeah…

    It’s cackaloo at hotmail dot com


  7. b3n says:

    Sent. Let me know if you’ve received it or not.

  8. Grannymar says:

    ‘a motherly spirit’, I think you mean a hovering ghostly old hag!

    Thanks for the thought.

    Now I have some thinking to do…

  9. K8 says:

    Gottit, third nipple… thanks! Some of those pictures are classic!! Poor Van Damme, huh? As for Marilyn Manson?!?! I’ll definately be using those… it’s a great twist on the original idea :)

    Ha! Never, Grannymar!

  10. Conortje says:

    Just a strange little thought I had – girls often sound very sexy with a head cold.

  11. b3n says:

    Yeah it’s no wonder Van Damme grew up to beat the sh!t out of people. Looking like that as a kid, he probably had the sh!t beat out of him. But don’t you just love Tom Hanks’ hair?

  12. SID says:

    Prince of Shmoozers does has a ring, though weird’s even better!

    Why thank you K8.

    You weirdo.

  13. SID says:

    “does has” = drink consumption

  14. Deborah says:

    Wow Thanks K8! Much appreciated!

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