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Jun 27

Cheesy celebrity picture

Posted on Wednesday, June 27, 2007 in Family, Humourarse, Quickie

Here’s a photo I just found that I’d forgotten about.  For all o’ you non-Celeb freaks, this is Delta Goodrum, my young ‘fla, and Brian McFadden, taken a year or two ago.

When they entered the ward, you wouldn’t believe the fuss that nobody made.  It was inspiring.  Ah, they were a lovely pair o’ girls though, really.  What I love about this photo is the look on the young lad’s face.  If that’d been me in the photo, I think I’d have the exact same expression on my hale and pace.  I reckon he’s inherited my sarkiness.


Bring on the comments

  1. DC says:

    What ever happened to Brain?? He used to live near my cousins in Artane.

    I used to call my friend ‘Brian McFadden’ when he didn’t shave for a few days … right until he shaved my head one night in revenge.

  2. DC says:

    You are also cordially invited to my new and as of now controversy free blog …

  3. b3n says:

    k8, I’ve read many blogs over the last few months and as you know have just very recently started my own. Amongst all of the usual political and social commentry and anger that you can read in 99% of these blogs (my own included), there’s yours, simple, truthful and heartfelt and very very funny. HAving jus rad some of your back posts, I’m humbled that you would share such thoughts, pics and jokes to the world. Keep up the great work.

    Listen to me, I sound like a pussy!

  4. b3n says:

    Whoops I thoght the docs cured my dyslexia!!

  5. SID says:


    You were quite restrained in his/your choice of thoughts though?

    My language may have been slightly more colourful in my own unique and sarcastic way.

    Would have made a fabtastic caption compo!

  6. baino says:

    Is he wearing a combat vest? Little young for a returning soldier isn’t he?

  7. K8 says:

    DC: Brian and Delta just got hitched in some far far away place and are living happily ever after. I’m glad to see you’re off your bloggy diet :) Thanks matey.

    Flirty: I know!!! He’s more of a rocker type y’see.

    B3n: Wow, thanks mang, reading your comment was like having a warm soft blanket draped over my insecurities :) I love reading your blogs too, as well as the angry and filthy ones out there, I just can’t reproduce that sort of atmosphere in my own words! For it is I, my dear, who is the biggest pussy of all.

    SID: You’ve no IDEA how many captions I came up with! Sitting here for ages, I was, wondering if I really COULD write this or that. In the end I wussed out :) I was thinking of doing a competition but Infomaniac woulda had my head on a stick for plageurizing ideas!! What would you have wrote?

    Baino: Sean was wearing that vest as he was trying to be invisible. It didn’t work though as he left his foliage at home that day.

  8. Brianf says:

    OK, I give up. Who are those muppets?
    He looks like a girly and she looks like she is well practiced at forced smiles.

  9. K8 says:

    I did a Wikipeedee and found this on Delta:

    Turns out she’s a ‘neighbours’ ex-pat who’s won a few awards and made pretty music, visits children in hospitals a lot on account of her having conquered Hodgekin’s Lymphoma at 18!
    So she’s cool.

    Brian McFathead is a chap who scourged the papers with his sordid marriage to poor Kerry Katona and left her in a hape. He is one of Louis Walsh’s bitches and was part of the pond scum on the surface of the music universe which is ‘Westlife’.
    I’m not even going to bother linking it.

    I will link this though to back up my opinion:

  10. baino says:

    Hey! Lay off our Delta, she’s a national . . um . . sort of slightly well known person that sings at football matches and Commonwealth Games opening ceremonies . . . and she had cancer and had to shave her head and stuff, without her we’d have no-one to attend the opening of envelopes.

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