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Jun 9

Ríanna banana

Posted on Saturday, June 9, 2007 in Family

I think I should probably do Ríanna’s story now… it’ll give me something to refer to later- I usually link to the post my dad did.  His was a lovely post and will be hard to beat, but there’s a story behind her birth, and she herself is a story in the making so it would be a shame to leave her out.  Besides, dad’s probably getting tired of deleting all the references I make.

I wrote about Sean before.  Doctors told us that there was no reason or cause behind the fact that he had this unusual epilepsy disorder, it just happened.  I’ve always wanted a big family, say.. four children perhaps, but Sean made us think twice.  What’s to say it won’t happen again?  I read about a poor chap who told his story about his five children, all born with Sean’s condition – Ohtahara Syndrome, who had all died at a young age.  All of them.  How can life be that cruel?  So, we consulted an expert in genetics, who told us that if we were to concieve again, there’d be a 5 – 15% chance of having another child born with the same disorder.

I became pregnant about 4 years ago, and presented Jeff with a pregnancy test with a little pink bow tied to it inside a card for Valentine’s day.  He was chuffed.  Unfortunately I miscarried a short while afterwards.  It’s not something I really want to happen again, it wasn’t very pleasant.  Someone said it was probably for the best, as it was a little irresponsible to be producing children out of wedlock.  Sometimes people can comfort you with the exact opposite words to what you want to hear.

A year later, I found myself pregnant yet again. There was no fainfair, no whistles or ribbons.  I let the baby grow quietly inside me, all the while hoping that things would work out this time.  I spoke to a doctor once about having a test done called an amniocentesis.  This involves having a large syringe take some amniotic fluid from my womb to test for abnormalities.  She told me that this was possible, but produced a 15% chance of miscarriage.  She asked me if I would keep the baby if it was born disabled, to which I replied straight away “Of course!”.  “Well then.” She said.

You wouldn’t believe the treatment I got when I went into hospital in labour with Rianna.  With Sean I was treated like a cow.  With Rianna I got the president’s suite.  One glance at my history chart had nurses worried, so they took great care of me and gave me whatever drugs I wanted.  I and Jeff had a good few puffs of oxygen and giggled until we felt sick.  Then, all of a sudden, a little hairy baby fell out.  When we heard a tiny cry, followed by a gentle voice saying ‘It’s a perfectly healthy baby girl’, we cried, never having felt more relieved.


It’s true what they say about babies looking like their daddy when they’re born.  Apparently this is nature making sure that daddy doesn’t eat his young.  Apparently men are less likely to eat something that resembles them.

Ríanna, in her two years of existence, has taught us so much about ourselves.  We can see our own personality traits in her as she is, quite literally, the two of us rolled into one person.  She’s very caring, has a great sense of humour, and is slightly crazy in a nice way.  She’s also quite fond of the gargle.


She goes through phases as every other kid does.  Her last phase consisted of her pretending to be a dog.  She would drop on all fours and bark on command.  This would get quite embarrasing in the supermarket, but infinately preferable to sweetie tantrums I suppose.  Her latest phase is speaking Japanese.  I don’t know where she learned it, but it’s quite impressive. 

We’ve been trying so hard to enjoy every minute of her growth, as it’s true what they say about children growing quickly.  We’re also trying to get her to learn life’s lessons on her own… she respects gravity and electricity, and is learning her limits pretty well, with plenty of bruises to show for it.  At one stage she developed an amazing shiner from a nose injury… 


The bruise was so noticeable, it enabled me to have a lot of fun with it in public.  I remember being at a checkout once in Tescos.  Ríanna had begun to complain about something, so I said in a loud voice “Quit your whingeing or I’ll give you another shiner to complete the set.”  I wish you could have been there to see the faces of the surrounding shoppers.  It was classic.  I’m quite surprised that social services didn’t follow that one up.

I could go on and on about Ríanna, being the proud mother that I am, but I think this post is already long enough.  I’ll be boring you with more updates on her antics pretty soon, undoubtedly.  *Yawn* you say?  I don’t care.  It’s my blog and I can be a big drip if I want to.


Bring on the comments

  1. Grannymar says:

    What a blesing and a treasure Ríanna is.


  2. SID says:

    My earthangel 2 fell when he was about 3 and produced two fantastic shiners. He looked like a panda which was quite a novelty for us all.

    Just read your archived post on Sean. Excellent.

    Oh and great forum on yon site. Will spread the word up here in Norn Iron.

  3. Deborah says:

    What a doll! It’s a fun age. I used to think I was dealing with the terrible twos last year, but now I think they don’t exist. It’s definitely the terrible threes! I keep putting off the MMR for my one year old because of the mysterious bruises she keeps getting. Can only imagine what they’d think! I love that you said that at Tesco! Too funny!

  4. Dario Sanchez says:

    *cough cough*

    Ahem, you can’t read my blog unless you accept my invitation via email …

    *cough cough*

    Terribly sorry about that. Awful bout of Self-Advertising Cough Syndrome I’ve been having lately.

    Not being a parent myself, I’m not going to bullshit you and try talking through my arse, but you have a cute daughter.

    What lessons with electricity were learned, may I ask?

  5. baino says:

    Aww . . .*bless* They’re a handful at that age but always something to laugh about . . .

    Mine fell on a coffee table and killed the nerve in her front baby tooth. It slowly went black but the dentist told me to leave it there to guide the new tooth down . . her grandma had it taken out whilst she was on hoidays with her . . . bloody doo gooders. Fortunately no harm done and she has a nice straight set.

  6. Grandad says:

    Besides, dad’s probably getting tired of deleting all the references I make.

    I would never delete a reference!

    I must admit, I’m intrigued by the electricity bit myself. Has TAD been doing more DIY electrical stuff??

  7. K8 says:

    Thanks for the nice worms lads :)

    Dario, my email is doing jippy things again.. Invitation accepted, thanks!

    Rianna’s first brush with electricity was on a trampolene believe it or not. She was bouncing around like a mad thing in there with me and built up a load of static charge. When she touched the metal frame to get out, there was a loud ‘ZAP’. Surprised the hell out of her!
    She also got a small shock from a set of dodgy fairy lights once.

  8. Grandad says:

    That’s great news. I’ll wire ‘Boing Boing’ [our trampoline] up to the mains, so that we can sell power to the ESB next time she’s here.

  9. Brianf says:

    She’s too cute and she calls policemen Pigs!

  10. Cute kid, great post. Although I am guessing the former is much more challenging!

  11. K8 says:

    Brian.. I didn’t teach her to associate pigs with policemen. Sometimes I swear she has family ghosts sitting beside her telling her what to say.

    Flirty, thanks, though this blog is on a similar maintenance level!

  12. Conortje says:

    I loved this post and really laughed so much at the thought of your ‘threats’ in the supermarket – priceless :-)

  13. siobhan says:

    Hi, came across this blog by accident had googled babies who have died of ohtahara sydrome, my little boy passed away Jan 06 in Ireland of Ohtahara Syndrome, told we the only case in Ireland??

  14. K8 says:

    Hi Siobhan, I’m so sorry to hear about your little angel passing away. I’m glad you found the link here. When Sean was diagnosed, I was told there were 57 known occurances in the world, 4 of which were in the UK and Ireland.

    If you fancy talking more about it or feel like comparing information or anything, my email is ‘cackaloo at hotmail dot com’.

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