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Jun 7

Even Flow of unwanted advice

Posted on Thursday, June 7, 2007 in Music, Rantings

I was waiting at a set of traffic lights yesterday, listening to a mix CD that I made last year when I was feeling in a grungy mood.  The volume was low, around 6 or 8 maybe, but the windows were down, and you know yourself about car stereo accoustics.

 A woman approached the driver’s side holding a very chubby child dressed entirely in pink with a vomit inducing sailor’s cap on its ugly little head.

“You should be ashamed of yourself, making your poor child listen to that awful thrash metal rubbish like that!” she said as my toddler bopped her head to the music and stared distainfully at the cabbage-patch doll that had invaded her moment.

“Look lady” I said… “I for one choose not to depress my child with crappy nursery rhymes about the French Rebellion and Black Death.  This is not awful thrash metal, this is Pearl Jam, which is real music about the real world.  So why don’t you go home, throw out your Westlife CDs, stop gleaning advice from Dr. Phil, and open your pampered little eyes to reality.  And next time you feel like giving me parenting advice, why don’t you adress a memo to my arse first.”

Actually, I didn’t say that.  The lights turned green just as her last words had escaped and her face had returned to its ‘dog licking piss off a nettle’ composure, so I buggered off.  I thought of that reply 10 minutes further on down the road, by which time the moment had passed and I didn’t fancy wasting precious diesel looking for her.  I absolutely hate it when that happens.

Good God though, some people can be so bloody dramatic.

Bring on the comments

  1. Rock on!

    Pity you didn’t say that though, that would have kicked ass.

    Was there Nirvana on the CD?

  2. K8 says:

    ‘Heart Shaped Box’ is the first track! The Pixies found their way on there too. As did Rodrigo Y Gabriela’s version of Metallica’s ‘One’. I love that CD. My friends hate it. But they’re Bon Jovi heads. I suppose somebody has to be.

  3. ‘One’ is a brilliant song. Early Metallica stuff was brilliant …

  4. Brianf says:

    Too bad you hadn’t at least flipped her off or said the usual, “Fuck you Lady!”.

  5. Conortje says:

    Jeez – I’m annoyed on your behalf – There are far too many ignorant folk about. If I had driven past you while you were playing Pixies I would have honked my horn in support!

  6. baino says:

    How often does that happen? You think of a fabulous retort minutes after the event. Once I get in the car,I often go through the distasteful conversations I SHOULD have had after the fact when in reality I’ve taken it on the chin. While I’m talking to myself in a very animated fashion, other drivers must be wondering where my mobile phone arial is (I haven’t got one of course).

  7. K8 says:

    I managed a dirty look and a ‘pfft… whatever…’ before I put the pedal to the metal, Brian, so it’s not all bad.

    Thanks Conor.. Rianna especially likes ‘Where is my mind’ and sings along to the ‘WOO OOOO’ bits :)

    Baino- I was driving in me big yellow van a few days ago, negotiating a roundabout where right-of-way goes to the dude on your right. A convertible Mercedes cut me off to the left… I didn’t give him an inch and instead drove around him. He honked and flashed behind me for ages. What I SHOULD have done was ram him, in hindsight. He was in my way so I had every right to. AND I could have screwed him for some insurance money and wrecked his jam jar for him too. I was raging I didn’t all the way home.

  8. K8 says:

    Good grief Baino, I just read your blog post. What a coinkidink about the Mercedes…

  9. baino says:

    Great minds and fools my sweet! I love it . . .PS I love Where is My Mind . . oops, lost it again!

    Oh and I soooo wish I had a big yellow van instead of a grandpa Honda! Although I often have the ‘well I don’t care if you smash into me’ attitude because I have nothin’ to lose baby . . .nothin’ to lose.

    PS: I am not a road rager . . everyone else is.

  10. Deborah says:

    What the fuck is wrong with people? Just think of the shit she’ll be listening to of her own accord in ten years… at least you get some foundation in now! :-)

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