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May 18

It won't heal if you picket

Posted on Friday, May 18, 2007 in Family, Something to think about

I went to a protest march in Dublin today.  Being indirectly involved with the cause, I felt it a pretty reasonable way to spend a day.  Besides, Keith Duffy was there and I loved him in Coronation Street. 

The protest began outside the Four Courts, and progressed to the Department of Education and Science on Marlborough Street.  I and my family posse (I’m deeply indebted to Jeff, my Accidental Terrorist lover for helping me out with said posse) travelled from Wicklow to Bray by car, from Bray to O’Connell Street by Dart, then from O’Connell Street to the Fourcourts by the Daniel Day.  Fcuk me, how ironically simple it sounds when you write it out like that!

As in typical fashion, we were late, and said protesters were nowhere to be seen.  We trundled back to O’Connell street in a mini march of our own, Jeff driving Sean, me with toddler on shoulders in the most changeable weather I’ve ever witnessed. (The weather report for today read: ‘God only knows’)

We finally reached the protesters in an overheated, damp and hungry state with much relief.  We heard the animated speeches, shouted and applauded as loud as we could.  The protest was short, but its point was made.  So many families were there, their apperance to us humbled our presence and made us feel glad that we could be a part of such a force.  These families were there to stand for the rights and needs of the special needs child, to stand for the fact that mainstream school and crappy teacher resources is not good enough for the autistic child.  I so hope that we were heard, that this protest made a difference.  It is a crime that the Barnacoyle school here in Wicklow will be shut down, and that the needs of these kids will be ignored.

On a lighter note, there were the nice parts of today.

Jeff had never ridden the Daniel Day until today, and had never seen Bertie’s prick up close.  So that was nice.  On our travels, we discovered that lifts in train stations rarely work, but that there is always a sound and sympathetic skobie (yes!  Of COURSE there is such a thing!) to help you out with a wheelchair plight.  And we got to buy shoes to make our trip into the big shmoke even more worthwhile.  I’m the anti-shopper.  I hate crowds, I hate trying things on, and I hate browsing.  But, between stolen puffs of smoke outside shops and crying toddlers, we managed to find stuff for each other without rolling eyes or even arguing once.  We even got to have a good laugh at the posh kids on the DART on the way home;

Loike.. AYW MY GOWD, Sneachta, yoo were roish aboush Fiachra, he’s loike soooo feckin poor, his dod hosn’t even gosh an oh-seven redge cor yesh!

It was a genuinely excellent adventure we had today.

In a P.S. sort of way, I don’t want to use this blog as a political tool, but I would seriously appreciate any readers out there to visit this page, and possibly sign the petition if you have time.  These people really need numbers.

Bring on the comments

  1. SID says:

    Ahhh….The Stiffy near the Liffey!

    And Yay for loud protests,though I just quietly signed the petition.

    Its amazing what parent power has done for these kids in NI.

    Stick with it.

  2. K8 says:

    What better than a giant heroin needle to celebrate Dublin’s culture?!

    Thanks for the signeage dude :)

  3. Grannymar says:

    Another nordy vote cast.

    All City Planners, Architects and Politicians should spend 1 month walking the streets with blindfolds and then another travelling in a wheelchair, preferably unaided.

  4. Brianf says:

    I get such a chuckle out of Governmental art. Bertie’s Prick, The Stiffy by the Liffey, The Giant Heroin needle! Hahahahahahaha! We have a bunch of 55 gallon drums all welded together at the entrance to Riverfront park. WTF? I’ll get a pic of it so you can laugh at it too. The other one I don’t get is the girl with the hoop in Belfast.

  5. I signed the petition under my own name … tell me K8, since your husband is called the Accidental Terrorist, would he be able to get me some plutonium?
    This democracy bullshit is getting sickening. Everyone wants to see me installed as Supreme Overlord of Ireland*, and I’d hate to disappoint them.

    *What can I do to sweeten the deal?

  6. K8 says:

    Thanks Grannymar!! I’ll be voting for you on the 24th.

    Brian, the giant heroin needle replaced a gorgeous statue which was ripped out of that spot for some reason. The statue’s name was ‘Anna Livia’, depicting a lady with flowing hair sitting naked in a trough of water. She was nicknamed ‘The bitch in the bath’.

    Supreme overlord, sir, you’re in luck! After a good beef stew and half bottle of whiskey, pure plutonium comes out of Jeff’s bottom. We power our central heating from it. No sweetner needed, though we wouldn’t say no to a Playstation 3. I’m sending a parcel of plutonium poo to you by DHL. Sir.

  7. Grandad says:

    The old statue was “The Floozie in the jacuzzi”. And I never knew the “Stiletto in the Ghetto” [or the “Stiffy by the Liffey”] had it’s own web site. That is beyond weird.

    Two names gone into the petition :)

  8. Brianf says:

    I forgot to mention I signed the petition also though I did not put my address I figured they might not like someone from Dauphin county signing it.

  9. Baino says:

    Signed too . . . must have been the weekend for protests. Didn’t mean to but became embroiled in a quiet but highly visual anti-CCP protest Chinatown on Saturday . . . ah, I remember the good old days.

    I am also a non shopper. Probably why I look so scruffy.

    We have the same problem with facilities for children with special needs here so I empathise completely. I really support your cause. Good luck:)

  10. K8 says:

    Thanks for the paw-marks, lads!

  11. You don’t even want to know how long it took me to realise what daniel day was ……… duh!

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