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Apr 26

Karma's a bitch

Posted on Thursday, April 26, 2007 in Rantings

Yesterday was bin-day.  You need to buy tags for bins around here to pay for the service.  The local shop is only 5 minutes away by foot, 20 minutes with a toddler.  However, knowing my luck, I’d be halfway home and miss the binmen, and was having a decidedly lazy day so I decided to drive.  That was a HUGE mistake.

As I pulled away from the shop and rounded the corner home-bound, flashing blue lights and Hi-Viz vests greeted me.  As I cruised towards them, a multitude of thoughts ran through my mind… where’s my license? is my insurance up to date? is my tax paid?  In the 20 seconds it took to reach them, I realised I was unbuckled.  DAMMIT!!! I toyed with the idea of telling the copper I had an exemption, but there was no point.  I was snared.  Caught with my proverbials down.  I got a €60 fine and two penalty points.  My first penalty points.  I’m no longer a clean-license virgin.

I came home and cried.  I cried out of anger, raging at all those other speeders and traffic offenders and dangerous drivers out there who literally get away with murder, and here I am, sullied by a stupid mistake.  It’s stupid not wearing a seat belt, don’t get me wrong.. and I’ll gladly pay a fine, but the addition of points just makes me feel dirty.  Apparently the police caught and fined 10 people in the hour they were there, on that quiet country road that leads nowhere.  Who would have thunk it?  What did I do to piss Karma off? 

There is, however a healthy balance.  When I stopped the car at the checkpoint and rolled down the window to talk to the policeman, my toddler gasped and pointed with a delighted face and shouted – “It’s a pig!!!”  That to me was worth about €15.  Also I called Tesco yesterday to bitch about the fact that I hadn’t gotten any coupons in the last year.  They told me there was a typo on my file that was now fixed, and that I was due €45 in vouchers.  So, this Karma thing repaid itself in strange ways. 

Hopefully the hopeless state of affairs with the police-ing system here means that my points won’t be applied until someone is actually paid to do some office work in Garda HQ so I might be laughing yet…

Bring on the comments

  1. K8 says:

    By the way dad, if you even think about saying ‘serves you right’, I’ll tip the coppers off about your hash stash.

  2. Grannymar says:

    Is this anti daughter week?

    You have my sympathy K8.

  3. Baino says:

    The only time I’ve ever lost points/been fined is when one of my progeny has been caught speeding or running through the electronic toll booth on the Harbour Bridge – their cars are in my name – not a smart move on my part! I get my revenge by charging board! he he he.

  4. Grandad says:

    I’m disappointed in you K8. Disappointed that is, that you think I would say that.
    I am annoyed though. I am annoyed [as you say] that they are setting up a honey trap on a quiet back road and ripping off people who are causing no harm. Has anyone ever been killed on that road? I doubt it.
    They should have been just a little bit further down on the N11 where the real arseholes drive [two killed a few days ago not far from you]. But they take the easy pickings.
    Fair play to Puppychild though. You are doing a great job with her education. Big hugs to you both….

  5. Granny says:

    Sorry to hear the news, K8. If you want a soft bosom to cry on, call up tomorrow [and the hedge needs clipping!]

  6. K8 says:

    Thanks mammy, but you don’t need to offer your boobies anymore now that I have my own. Mind you it’s quite difficult to bend one’s neck that way. I’m posting you a giraffe to take care of the hedge.

  7. Brianf says:

    Damn cops! That sucks. Grandad put it best, they are just collecting an additional tax.
    When I become King of the World I’m going to make sure cops aren’t allowed to be pricks like that. It’ll be right after I outlaw insurance comapnies!

  8. You cried over penalty points. Forgive me Kate – because me whinging about whinging is the pot slapping the kettle in the face and calling him black – but isn’t that a bit of an over-reaction? After all, you still have another ten to get before they can really do anything.

    Try being forced to socialise. Yes, forced. Now that’s worth writing home about.

    God, I need a life …

  9. K8 says:

    Yeah!!! I’m a big girl! So? Whatever.

    You already HAVE a life, Kemo Sabe. Just not one that’s defined in most Irish cultural dictionaries. Admit it, you’re secretly pleased that people care for you enough to drag you out drinking. My heart is pumping custard for you, chickiepoo. Welcome to the saddo club! We have teeshirts you know.

  10. Brianf says:

    Ok kids, don’t make me come in there!
    Dario, you play over there and K8 you play over there. If I catch yous’ guys’ not playing nice I swear to God I’ll…….I’ll……waggle my finger at yous’ again!!!!
    Would someone PLEASE get this damn dog off my leg?!?!?and pick up those toys before I come in here next.

  11. Brianf says:

    What do you get when you cross a jar of peanut butter with a police car?

  12. Brianf says:

    A really loud siren that sticks to the roof of your mouth.
    LOL!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!


  13. Oh, I have a life, in that I am alive, yes. Beyond that, well …

    By the way, I’ll have a large in black, please.

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