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Apr 12

Tagged! Why do I blog?

Posted on Thursday, April 12, 2007 in Uncategorized

Cheers Brian!  I’ve been stuck for something to write about…
Grandad didn’t tag me as he thought I’d say ‘Grandad made me’.  This is partially true.  I was pretty much afraid to blog, afraid to put myself up for rejection, afraid that there was nothing I could say that hadn’t already been said by someone else.  I also thought that blogging was limited to opinion.  I see now that it’s not, and it’s just as well, because I’m a pretty naive chick.  I don’t know or care that much about politics.  I vote out of the vain hope that I’ll make a difference, but on the grand scale of things I know I won’t.  I keep up with current affairs for the most part, but nothing really sticks out enough for me to want to rant about it.  Make love, not war, I say.


Most of all, I like creating things.  I draw things, I try to make something out of nothing, draw beauty from boredom.  Blogging is a way to do that, it’s a challenge to look at the little cursor-thingy blinking at the start of a blank page.  You can write anything you want with no limits, which is pretty exciting.  I’m really thankful to Grandad’s buddy Ron for setting up this site for me.  I was worried about not getting hits or support, but you’ve all been so nice in the comments that you’ve written and the links you’ve added on your own pages, now I’m like a little kid waiting at the front door for the sound of the postman’s van… intrigued by the prospect of contact from the outside world.  I love the give-and-take aspect of blogging too.. insult flinging, sh&t stirring and shenanigans are always great ways to spend your afternoons.

I originally told Grandad that I didn’t have time to blog, what with kids and life and stuff to be dealing with, but I figured out a way to sort out that problem.  I chain my children up in the spare room and padlock the door so that they can’t get into trouble, and let my dog do the washing up by putting the dishes on the floor and letting him lick them clean.  Sorted.

Now to pass the torch…
I’d love to hear what flirty has to say :) 
MA! Get out o’the bed and get typing…

Bring on the comments

  1. Grandad says:

    Nice one.

    One suggestion – why not put the dog and the dishes in with the kids? That way they can all be fed and the kids washed as well [as per your photo].

    All you have to do now is get The Accidental Terrorist to learn to cook!

  2. Brianf says:

    I really enjoy reading your writings. They always make me smile. Why couldn’t I have met you instead of my X-wife. Oh, that’s right, you were 6 at the time.
    Another suggestion – put the kids, the doggy-dog, The Accidental Tourist, some raw food, a pot and a pack of matches in the room before you padlock it. Shake well. Baby sitting, dinner, washing dishes and quiet time for Mom all rolled into one.

  3. Grandad says:

    Just throw in the Playstation and you’ll never be disturbed again. Ever.

  4. Good points made, though setting up a blog is pretty easy using Blogger anyway.

    Damn you spreading this evil tag virus!

  5. And watch out for flowers in the post from Brian … a heh heh heh …

  6. K8 says:

    Brian!! Sir, you’ve left me all ablush. Monogamy is too cruel a rule.

    All good suggestions re: baggage. Did someone tip off the Health Board? Child’s services are at the door with a crowbar and a piece of paper, and the shotgun’s in the cot with the babby. I’m going to have to use the chainsaw again. So messy.

  7. Brianf says:

    What did I do? I’m confused again. I’m just trying to nice and shit and now I’m gettin’ grief from here to Tiperrarry. (sorry couldn’t resist).
    No crime or offence meant. It’s knida’ a way of complimenting you. ya’ know.
    It was suppose to be a joke…you being 6 and all……a joke isn’t funny when it needs to be explained.
    Anyways if you lock the kids, dog and The Accidental Terrorist in a room with food, a pot and a pack of matches….well there you go, a quiet evening!

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  9. K8 says:

    Ah Brian, it’s ok, I got it. I was just yankin’ your chain. :)

  10. Grandad says:

    I was just yankin’ your chain.

    Careful K8 – that might mean something different Over There!
    Especially the ‘yank’ bit…?


  11. Brianf says:

    Yeah, you’s guys’ all got me.
    See, that’s what I get for thinking(a dangerous proposal).
    The funniest part was when I spoke to Jefferson Davis yesterday and asked him to review all the comments and asked did I say something worng? His response was….Well, cultural differences, differences in the use of the language, etc. That was when I really started thinking(luckily noone was harmed and no animals were killed) maybe I………
    You got me!

    ps. Why would you want to “Americanize” my chain?

  12. K8 says:

    Don’t worry, Brian, you’ll get used to it.

    Ok, not yankin’ your chain.. extracting the urine? You can’t get plainer than that, Grandad. If that is your real name.

  13. Grandad says:

    Waddya mean – “if that is your real name”?
    OK, so you know me as “Dad” which must be confusing to your young mind, but you must accept that things change.
    I am now ‘Grandad’. And that is your fault, you know? If you had done all that we taught you do do [or not do] then I would still be ‘Dad’……

  14. K8 says:

    I just heard rumours that you were the ‘Don’… is there something you want to tell me?

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