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Apr 6

Moral Dilemma Upshot

Posted on Friday, April 6, 2007 in Uncategorized

Poker was cancelled. 

Or so I was told 10 minutes into the start of mass.  I threw me revised transcribed chords onto paper to coincide with fucked up tuning of electric organ, stubbed out me fag, and legged it down to the church, after failed attempts by b.f. to persuade me to dig in to our Good Friday stash of beer.

Once a barely legal parking spot was found, I ran up to the door, planning a whole ‘I made it!!’ entrance, and began unzipping my guitar case.  The priest’s voice echoed through the doors of the secret stairway to the choir balcony… “May the peace of the Lord be with you…”.  I froze.  The pious statue of Jesus beside the stairs winked at me.  I zipped my zipper and fled.  With 5 minutes left of mass, there really was no point.  I was absolved.  I spent the rest of the evening watching Wentworth Miller do his thing in ‘Prison Break’… HEAVEN.

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  1. Granny says:

    Maybe you should change your name to K8 the L8?

    Happy Easter to you, and yours….



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